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Speech & Occupational Therapy


Part of our mission is to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) lead fulfilling lives. Speech therapy (ST) and occupational therapy (OT) provide the tools to be as independent as possible. But finding time to schedule these sessions can almost be as difficult as finding the right therapist.

Let us save you the trouble. We coordinate with various speech and occupational therapy professionals to provide these services to your child at One of the Kids; you don't have to drive across town from clinic to clinic looking for multiple providers in Cedar Park or South Austin.

Partnered with CoLlab Pediatric Therapies, LLC, we are taking a big step towards providing an exceptional multidisciplinary approach to ABA, ST, and OT at our South Austin location.

This collaborative effort, spearheaded by Pallavi Chandra, Director of Occupational Therapy, and Lauren Elgin, Director of Speech and Language Therapy, aims to maximize the benefits of this collaborative approach for children with autism.

  • Direct collaboration in the clinic with our ABA staff, ensuring seamless coordination of goals, training, and ongoing therapy tailored to each learner’s individualized program

  • Caregiver guidance on OT and ST related goals, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to support their child

  • Fun and creative therapy sessions that meet the specific needs of each learner

  • Full in-house OT/ST services: No need to drive to multiple providers!

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