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What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a well-developed scientific discipline among the helping professions that focuses on the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of social and other environmental modifications to produce meaningful changes in human behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis is used across many areas and interests including autism, sports, weight loss, music, education, substance abuse, counseling, business management, pediatric feeding disorders, dementia, traumatic brain injury, among others. ABA is used with learners of all ages and backgrounds. ABA therapy includes the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relations between environment and behavior. ABA uses changes in environmental events to produce practical and significant changes in behavior. These relevant environmental events are usually identified through a variety of specialized assessment methods. ABA is based on the fact that an individual’s behavior is determined by past and current environmental events in conjunction with organic variables such as their genetics and physiology. When applied to ASD, ABA focuses on altering the individual’s social and learning environments.​ ABA is the standard of care for ASD and has been documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that have been published over the past 50 years.

What makes the ABA approach different at One of the Kids?

Our slogan is "a better way of ABA". We achieve this by placing an importance on providing a safe and enriched environment with an emphasis on the child's autonomy. One of the Kids (OOTKS) is proud to provide assent-based therapy. We honor all indicators of assent withdrawal and give children the tools to request breaks or end activities. This helps to meet their needs while still respecting the child and challenging them to grow. We teach and model coping strategies rather than taking an authoritarian approach. Children have the freedom to make their own choices while still working on important skills. This is truly a better way of ABA. We support the overall development of your child through a holistic approach that includes onsite collaboration with speech and occupational professionals, classroom program, swim therapy, adaptive taekwondo, and more. These services are designed to assist your child in applying their skills in various settings while engaging in enjoyable activities to boost their participation and motivation.

What are the benefits of a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach (ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy) to treat autism?

A collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to treating autism with ABA, speech therapy, and occupational therapy offers a more holistic, individualized, and effective way to address the complex needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. It leverages the expertise of professionals from different fields to promote comprehensive development and improve overall quality of life for autistic individuals. We are proud to collaborate with onsite speech and occupational therapy professionals to provide attentive care for your child on OOTKS campuses.

How is ABA different from the special education program at public school for early intervention (before the age of 5)?

ABA offers 1:1 attention that a child enrolled in a Special Education Class cannot receive. Although children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) have their own goals, it's important to note that in a traditional classroom setting, a teacher is responsible for leading the entire class rather than providing 1:1 instruction as seen in ABA therapy. Our instruction is customized to address each child's specific challenges, while special education typically delivers a uniform curriculum to an entire class. In special education, teachers must allocate their time among multiple children, each with varying degrees of neurodiversity and distinct needs. ABA, on the other hand, has the resources to provide continuous support to each child. We design protocols tailored to each child's unique learning style, and ABA therapy is grounded in a scientific approach, using data and research to craft individualized plans for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Does my child go to One of the Kids for ABA in lieu of daycare/preschool or can it be a supplemental program?

Depending on the child's needs, ABA can function as a supplemental program. Our ultimate goal is to equip our learners with the skills they need to thrive independently. This could entail initially focusing on ABA and eventually transitioning into a preschool setting. In certain instances, we can even provide assistance to children within a preschool environment. This approach provides stakeholders with valuable insights into any areas where the child may require further assistance to bridge performance gaps.

How does ABA prepare for my autistic child to attend school after early intervention?

ABA at OOTKs aims to prepare children on the spectrum by targeting their biggest challenges unique to the individual. During early childhood, cognitive development is highly adaptable, making it crucial to utilize this time for learning and personal growth. BCBAs are experts in preparing your child to be independent in school, home, and the community.

Does One of the Kids provide services in my home?

Each family at One of the Kids will have a program individualized and designed specifically for their child’s needs, however our services are primarily based onsite in our clinic settings.  Our campuses allow for: - Greater opportunity for clinical impact with our providers and consistency in treatment styles - Opportunities for social interaction and inclusion with developmentally appropriate peers - Access to all of our amenities, including our pool, indoor gym, outdoor playground, and more - Specialized programs that prepare clients to transition into school and other community settings

How do you determine the ABA hours that my child needs?

All Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) have earned a postgraduate degree specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. They are proficient in evaluating children on the spectrum with research-proven assessments. Through a series of direct observations, meeting with caregivers, and completing various assessments, a BCBA can determine the amount of hours per week a child needs in ABA therapy. A formal plan is created and submitted to insurance. After insurance reviews and approves of these hours, the child can start ABA services with an emphasis on the child’s largest areas of concern. Hours in ABA are faded as the kiddo thrives on their own, and that is our ultimate goal!

What is offered at your onsite swimming pool?

We offer swim therapy and swim lessons at both of our Cedar Park and South Austin locations. We have seen clients tremendously benefit from swimming and wish for other children on the spectrum to have the same experience without the challenges parents go through to set up lessons. We’ve partnered with Amy Linkous, an amazing swim coach and owner of Swim for All, to offer lessons to our clients at our Cedar Park location.  In addition to lessons, we offer swim therapy sessions rendered by one of our swim therapists with extensive swim instruction experience prior to joining OOTKS. These sessions are ABA goal-driven and allow us to provide effective therapy in a different and motivating environment with a big focus on water safety. Both the swim therapist and ABA therapist are present during the 30 minute session.

Is ABA therapy covered by insurance?

ABA therapy is generally covered by insurance, but the extent of coverage varies depending on your insurance plan. In Texas, private insurers are mandated to cover ABA therapy for children aged 2 to 18, as recommended by their physician. During the intake process, our team at One of the Kids will assist you in confirming your insurance coverage details. We are in network with BCBS-PPO, Aetna, and United Behavioral Health/Optum, and also take Cigna as an out-of-network provider. You can complete the enrollment application, and we will provide you with your insurance coverage information within 24 hours.

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