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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading approach to creating significant positive behavior change for autistic children. 

Our kids receive daily one-on-one therapy sessions from Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), carefully supervised by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Our BCBAs have one of the lowest caseloads in Austin, which means every one of our kids gets the attention they need.

Early Learning Academy and Big Kid Academy

Early Learning Academy is where our youngest learners begin their
ABA journey. We focus on building a foundation of language, cognitive, and play skills. Once graduated from this program, our learners have the opportunity to continue with us through our Big Kid Academy. With a strong foundation in place, we have built an environment rich with opportunities to further generalize those skills into school and community settings.


Peer Model and Transition Programs

Socialization is essential for the healthy development of any child, but it’s even more important for children with autism. Self-regulation, finding socially-motivated solutions, and accepting when a peer’s decision is different than our own are all difficult skills that don’t always come naturally. With these goals in mind, we have started a Socials Skills Group program to help clients practice social interactions with peers in a structured and accepting environment. 

This program, along with our partnerships with nearby schools, helps pave the way for mainstream education. We believe that learning side-by-side with typically developing students will give them even more opportunities to make the lives they want.


Speech and Occupational Therapy

Part of our mission is to help kids with ASD lead fulfilling lives. Speech and occupational therapy provide the tools to be as independent as possible. But finding time to schedule these sessions can almost be as difficult as finding the right therapist.

Let us save you the trouble. Partnered with speech and occupational therapists, your child can receive these services at One of the Kids; you don’t have to drive across town from clinic to clinic.

Swim Lessons

Learning how to swim helps kids build confidence, burn energy, and stay safe. There are even more benefits for children with autism — from honing motor skills to practicing instruction.

We’ve partnered with Amy Linkous of Swim for All to teach our kids how to swim. Lessons are held throughout the week at our indoor pool.

Make Plans
Get Support
Family Support


We do everything we can to help children on the spectrum. But we know autism affects the entire family — and it affects everyone differently. We offer training for parents, siblings, and any other loved ones who advocate for autistic children.

Swim Therapy Program


The swim therapy program is rendered by our swim therapists who are our own Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and have extensive swim instruction experience. This is different from swim lessons in that we are providing meaningful ABA therapy in a motivating water environment. Two RBT’s are present in every swim therapy session to ensure that goal-driven therapy is effectively delivered.

  • Water safety

  • Generalizing skills in a new environment

  • Effective ABA therapy

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