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Family Support


We know autism affects the entire family — and it affects everyone differently. Your child's team does not stop at the clinic; you are an essential part. We support and collaborate with families to facilitate long term independence and teach life skills to each of our learners.

  • Caregiver guidance: autism help for parents and family on ABA, OT and ST related goals, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to support your child

  • In-home and in-community family guidance: focusing on building community skills and generalizing clinic-based skills into real-world situations

  • ARD support for kids transitioning into school: collaboration with school systems and actively participating in ARD meetings alongside parents, discussing goals, and offering insights based on our clinic observations to refine goals if needed

  • Daily updates: daily sheets, pictures and video on specific goals and activities of your child are provided throughout the day

  • Resources and sensory-friendly recommendations through a monthly newsletter

  • Multiple in-house services and enrichment programs at both of our Cedar Park and South Austin locations: No need to drive to different providers!

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