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OOTKS ABA therapy peers practicing social skills, language skills, and functional play skills
Classroom & Transition Programs


Our Classroom program focuses on the learning-to-learn and group social skills needed to be successful in an educational setting. We work on greeting peers and a teacher, joint attention, group instructions, and other attributes of behavioral classroom expectations. We structure this around common early elementary education focuses, like numbers, letters, patterns, rhyming words, colors, and a monthly theme.

While these academic instructions are not our main focus, we create an environment as close as possible to that of a classroom to help address potential behaviors and teach self-regulation within that setting. This is an intermediary step between direct ABA and being immersed into a school setting.


These programs and our partnerships with nearby schools, help pave the way for mainstream education and socialization. We believe that learning side-by-side with typically developing students will give them even more opportunities to make the lives they want.

Specials Activities


We are passionate about providing top-notch ABA therapy services for autistic kids, and we believe that learning can be fun, engaging, and therapeutic. That's why we've designed a unique set of activities to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our young learners.

  • Cooking

  • Science

  • Arts and crafts

  • Sensory-friendly activities

  • And many more!

We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to ABA therapy for autism. Our carefully curated activities not only support therapeutic goals but also create an enjoyable and inclusive learning environment for autistic kids. Join us as we explore, create, and grow together on this extraordinary journey of discovery.

Adaptive Taekwondo


Discover the world of Adaptive Taekwondo, a specialized program designed for young autistic kids with a unique blend of martial arts and ABA therapy services. Our program, led by Taekwondo instructor Liz McDonald, a 3rd-degree black belt holder focuses on building confidence, motor skills, and life skills like respect and self-control.

We provide a safe and inclusive space where each child's needs are met. Liz McDonald's expertise as an instructor and Registered Behavior Technician ensures that every child receives personalized attention and guidance as they embark on their journey to master the 5 tenets of Taekwondo.

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