Helping kids of all abilities reach their full potential.


Caring for kids with autism takes commitment — from therapists, from instructors, and from family members. But therapy doesn’t have to feel like work. We believe self-discovery is essential for development. And that drills are overdone. Basically, we let kids be kids.

A Balanced Approach

Our interdisciplinary treatment encourages kids to create, cooperate, and play in a natural environment — designed with relaxing spaces that foster exploration.

Applied Behavior Analysis


ABA is our foundation. We provide a naturalistic approach tailored to the needs of our kids and their families — targeting essential social skills that support continued growth.

Speech and Occupational Therapy


In conjunction with ABA, we offer speech and occupational therapy. Our team works collaboratively to provide consistent, attentive care for every child.

Focus on Fun


The more children enjoy therapy, the more they’ll want to participate. We incorporate play throughout the day, including swim lessons, music exploration, and martial arts.

Peer Model and Transition Program

Our kids learn and play with typically developing peers at local schools. This practice paves the way toward mainstream education — giving our kids even more opportunities to grow.

Family Support


Autism affects the entire family. And it affects everyone differently. From extended hours of operation to on-site support groups, we’re here for our families every step of the way.

We can’t wait to see what
they achieve.

Children on the spectrum can lead fulfilling lives. Imagine what your child will do with the right tools, the motivation to use them, and a vision of what to create. Schedule a tour of our campus to see what it’s like to be One of the Kids.