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A Balanced Approach: What Makes OOTKS Unique?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

One of the Kids uses a balanced approach within our multidisciplinary treatment (Applied Behavior Analysis, speech-language pathology, and occupational therapy) to encourage kids to create, cooperate and play.

We are an early intervention clinic grounded in evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques. We place natural environment training (NET) at the forefront when taking the whole child into consideration. NET is a child-centered method that focuses on building a relationship and embedding learning opportunities into the child's natural environment, such as during play or daily routines. In order to teach complex skills, we also incorporate discrete trial training (DTT) which typically involves breaking down skills into smaller, more manageable steps and using positive reinforcement to shape and reinforce behavior. We also supplement with other ABA techniques of incidental teaching, Happy, Relaxed, Engaged (HRE), Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), PEAK Relational Training, and more.

We offer a variety of natural and engaging settings for our children to develop a more comprehensive understanding of how to apply what they have learned in different situations, leading to more functional and adaptive behaviors.

Through a variety of services, including:

  • speech-language pathology (SLP) and occupational therapy (OT),

  • Classroom and transitional programs,

  • social skills group,

  • aquatic therapy,

  • swim lessons,

  • adaptive taekwondo,

  • and other extracurricular activities,

we have created a holistic, family-centered approach to helping autistic children. These highly reinforcing activities set the stage for our young learners to generalize skills learned in a clinical setting to real-life situations while minimizing service coordination for parents and caregivers.

Speech and Occupational Therapy can address the communication, sensory, and motor needs of children with autism, respectively. At our South Austin location, we are spearheading an integrative collaborative model with our own in-house SLP/OT team whose work invests in the dynamic growth of each learner. Our children will benefit from the immediate collaboration within interdisciplinary teams and caretaker/family trainings.

Our young learners grow with us and can prepare for an academic path within our school readiness programs and partnerships. Once graduated from our Early Learning Academy, we set our children up for success through joint effort and careful planning to seamlessly transition to our Big Kid Academy.

Aquatic therapy and swim lessons provide a low-impact and sensory-rich environment for children to engage in physical activity, while adaptive taekwondo can teach children self-defense skills and promote physical fitness, discipline, and self-esteem. Other extracurricular activities, such as cooking classes, art, and social skills group (a structured, 10-week curriculum-based program), can help children with autism develop their functional safety skills, creativity, socialization, and emotional regulation skills.

Our balanced and interdisciplinary approach is highly individualized and takes into account the child's interests, strengths, and challenges. This is what makes OOTKS as unique as each precious child to enter our doors. By using this collaborative process, children with autism can learn skills in a meaningful and functional way, which can enhance their engagement and motivation to learn while creating long-term independence.

Our passion drives us to offer a range of services that meet the needs of each child and their families, while fostering a supportive and enriching environment where children with autism can reach their full potential.

Come learn, grow, and thrive with us as One of the Kids.

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