One of the Kids campus is an award-winning space  designed by Runa Workshop and recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers/ASID, 2020 Celebrating Design Texas Awards.
Sensory Wellbeing Design

Children with autism are sensitive to their surroundings. And we made sure to take that into account when we drew up the blueprints.


Our campus was built according to the principles of sensory wellbeing design. This method not only prevents kids with ASD from feeling overwhelmed, but also encourages them to explore their surroundings.


Indoor Pool


Swimming is uniquely beneficial to children with autism. But finding time to take kids to the pool can be challenging.


Let us save you the trip. We built our own indoor pool. Our kids have swim lessons during the week, but the pool is open to guests on weekends — so friends and families can splash and play.


Outdoor Playground


Kids build strength, coordination, and confidence when they play outside. It also makes ABA therapy more fun.


We built an outdoor playground as part of our campus — giving our kids a safe, natural space to explore during therapy. Our playground is open to friends and family on weekends. Come by and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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