Program Details
Private Lessons

For ages 3 and up that can be in water independently with the coach. These lessons are geared toward children comfortable separating from parent/guardian in the pool. All levels are welcome in private lessons. Skill level will be assessed at first lesson

Parent/Child Lessons

For ages 15 months to 3 yr olds. These lessons must have a parent/guardian in the water with each child. The focus of these lessons is on water safety and becoming comfortable in the water. Parent/Child lessons will have 2 to 4 child/parent pairs in the lesson.

Semi-Private or Small Group Lessons

For children ages 5 and up. These lessons are for children that are already comfortable going under water and can sit safely at the edge of the pool by themselves. Children in these lessons do have prior water experience and are free from water anxieties. Groups will have 2 or 3 students.

Swim Program Scholarship

For children with autism, scholarships are available through Autism Society of Texas. Please visit their website for details at

Information for all lessons
  • All children will be assessed at the first lesson for their current skill level based on the parent completed intake level form.

  • Children will not wear life jackets, puddle jumpers, or water wings during lessons.

  • Children may wear goggles but they should not be masks that cover their noses.

  • Children should have their own towel and properly fitted swimsuit.

  • If a child is not fully potty trained they must wear a snug fitting swim pant under a swimsuit. 

  • Each summer swim lesson will be 25 minutes.

  • Parents or guardians will remain on site during the lesson. 

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