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OOTKS Podcast: Circle Time

Updated: Feb 16

Check out our brand new OOTKS Podcast available on Spotify! Each episode will dive into an activity or program we offer here at One of the Kids from Social Skills Group to Martial Arts and everything in between. Do you ever wonder what goes on during your child’s day at One of the Kids? Have the terms “structured group activities”, “circle time”, “centers”, or “independent work” on your child’s daily note puzzled you? This first episode focuses on our Circle Time and Centers activities: describing what they are, why we focus on them, and how they fit nto your child’s day. A huge shoutout to staff members Kaitlyn Marcak, Madelyn Griffet, and Sean Van Slycke for lending us your voices and your talents when leading these activities. Just search OOTKS on Spotify for the full episode or follow this link: Circle Time at OOTKS - OOTKS, One of the Kids Podcast | Podcast on Spotify New ones will be created and published in the coming months so be on the lookout and happy listening!

Disclaimer: informed consent was obtained, and the information should not be captured or reused without express permission.

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