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The Early Learning Academy (ELA) program serves preschool-aged children and is designed to meet the needs of students with varied skills and abilities. The Early Learning Academy (ELA) will focus on foundational skills that increase functional language, cognitive, and play skills to help students be successful in a variety of settings. This program also serves as a first step in Learning to Learn, putting our clients on the path to classroom immersion.​

OOTKS ABA therapy two Early Learning Academy toddlers practicing their social, language, and functional play skills
“​At our Early Learning center, our staff is passionate about sculpting young minds and teaching pivotal skills throughout play-based ABA techniques. Having fun is the best way for our kiddos to learn!” 
- Jacob Zuvanich, Clinical Director

​ELA Focus

Our focus is unique to each child, family, and situation, but may include various aspects related to:

  • Functional Language

  • Age-Appropriate Play Skills

  • Social Interactions

  • Responding to Instructions

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Daily Living and Toileting Skills

ELA Campus

The campus offers a state-of-the art, realistic learning environment for developing life skills.

ELA includes:

  • Indoor Gymnasium

  • Climbing Wall

  • Indoor Pool

  • Shaded Outdoor Playground

  • Reading Nooks

  • Sensory Rooms

  • Spacious Classrooms

Graduating from Early Learning Academy

Through thoughtful planning and appropriate support, learners at our ELA may be eligible to participate in an inclusive preschool setting or continue on to our Big Kid Academy (BKA) program.

Interested in learning more about our Big Kid Academy? Check it out here

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