Big Kid Academy – Spring/Summer 2021

One of the Kids is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Big Kid Academy, located in the space adjacent to One of the Kids in Cedar Park.

About the Big Kid Academy Program  

This program serves children aged 6 -9 of all verbal abilities. The program is designed to be customized in order to meet the needs of students with a range of skills and abilities.  The Big Kid Academy will focus on increasing functional independence and self-management skills to help students be successful in a variety of settings. The program will also serve as a transition program for children who have aged out of our early childhood intervention program to fade supports and prepare them to enter less restrictive environments in their school and community.

  • Functional Adaptive Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Adapted Academic Programs

  • Functional Independence

  • Social Skills

  • Self-management Skills

Big Kid Academy Campus  

The campus offers a state-of-the art, realistic learning environment for developing life skills.  The learning environment includes:

  • Fully functional living space

  • Mini Market

  • Mock Coffee Shop

  • Outdoor seating environment

  • Art Studio

  • Game Room

  • Sensory Garden

  • Spacious Classroom Space










Interested in learning more about the new Big Kid Academy?  Contact us and we will be in touch.