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The Big Kid Academy (BKA) program serves school-aged children and is customizable in order to meet the growing needs of students with varied skills and abilities. This program focuses on increasing functional independence and self-management skills to help students be successful in a variety of settings. This program also serves as a transition for children who have aged out of our Early Learning Academy to fade supports and prepare them to enter less restrictive environments in their school and community.

​"At BKA, we address every aspect that impacts a child's quality of life in an environment that allows them to interact with their peers. It is such a joy to watch them blossom as individuals while also making meaningful connections with friends!"
- Danielle Skala, Clinical Director
OOTKS ABA Therapy and school readiness programs

BKA Focus

Our focus is unique to each child, family, and situation, but may include various aspects related to:

  • Functional Adaptive Skills

  • Life Skills

  • ​Adapted Academic Programs

  • ​Functional Independence

  • ​Social Skills

  • ​Self-management Skills

BKA Campus

The campus offers a state-of-the art, realistic learning environment for developing life skills.

BKA includes:

  • Indoor Gymnasium

  • ​Climbing Wall

  • ​Bike & Scooter Yard

  • ​Full Kitchen

  • ​Mobile Art Studio

  • ​Sensory Rooms

  • ​Spacious Classrooms 

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